View Full Version : A Launcher Tab for Network Connections.

2015-07-26, 08:01
Maybe a tab for something like wicd or Network Manager. I have been trying wpa_supplicant with no luck, no doubt due to my lack of experience. Still it would be nice to have a gui for connections via the usb nic interface. I have done limited research into cli gui's with not much luck. There are two reasons for me, one is if I have successfully cracked a WEP/WPA, I'd like to connect with the usb NIC and use the android / phone wifi nic to hot spot the connection. The second being that I dont know much about it, but, without using the internal phone wireless for connection, how do I start scanning with Nmap to find the internal systems? I have read about vnc into a full kali desktop, something I know nothing about. If there is all ready something easy available please let me know.
Thank You

2015-08-31, 06:54
I second this. Somekind of script resembling wifite could be the solution for this. Listing wlans for the usb-wifi and easily letting you connect to one while asking you for the correct wpa-password. Manually playing with iw and wpa_suppli seems very clumsy.

2015-10-08, 07:22
Edit: nevermind

2015-10-22, 00:50
So managing to switch network adapters (wlan1 over wlan0) isn't going to be easy. The way android handles network connections is different then the way Linux does, so it has to be modified at the ROM level. Even though it would require some custom switches. There has been attempts to trick Android but it's hit or miss when playing with wpa_supplicant. I would say if this were to happen it would require NH type of custom ROM.

2016-01-29, 02:54
With my opo and others that I have heard, when the ext wifi is plugged in when the phone is booted, the network adapters wlan1 ,wlan0, switch places and the ext wifi becomes the internal and vice versa.. Is there a way of doing this manually?