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2013-04-20, 13:17
I've got a problem with the Guest Additions with VirtualBox.
I install my Kali in a Debian VM, then I install the Guest Additions following the Kali Documentation.
I don't have any problem with the install, then i reboot my VM. And then, I cannot use my mouse in my VM.
When the VM boots, it seems that the guest additions services fail to start.

Starting Virtual Box Guest Additions [Failed]
(modprobe vboxguest failed) Starting VirtualBox Guest Additions service VirtualBox Additions module not loaded!

I tried to create a new VM and reinstall Kali again, but allways the same problem.
My VM is now useless because without any mouse i can't open my session.

Did I do something wrong?

Thanks for your time!

2013-04-21, 18:31
Yes I have the same exact problem, all I can see after installing the guest additions is the word "other" at the logon screen. It was working fine before. I've tried tabbing around the screen to hit enter and nothing. I've tried mounting the mouse in "devices" in virtualbox, and I've tried unplugging my mouse, I just can't log in.

I did have some issues with the guest additions and I fear I may have borked something up. I never ran the "apt-get update && apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)" command after my last reboot because I had ran that 3 times already in other boots trying to make it work, so I figured I was all set. Maybe that's the issue.