View Full Version : btscanner issue on Nethunter

2015-07-27, 03:42
Howdy all,

Recently installed nethunter on my nexus 7, I seem to have an issue with bluetooth. I keep getting errors that no device detected or bluetooth failed to initialize. Just wondering if anyone has had this before or I may be missing something, I've done iwconfig and can't identify the device.

2015-08-12, 01:55
You will want to use hciconfig rather than iwconfig. After you bring up the interface, make sure you have the bluetooth service running and btscanner should work. It tends to be a little bitchy about terminal size though and may not start on the device if there isn't enough terminal real estate. I usually use a bluetooth keyboard so the softkeyboard isn't taking up the screen on my N7. Works very well that way.

2015-08-15, 15:57
@Vantramp. i tried running hciconfig on my nexus 6 running nethunter and get a command not found. how do i get hciconfig to run

2015-08-16, 00:55
I believe it is part of the bluez-utils package. You can use dpkg -s bluez-utils to see if you have it installed.