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2013-04-20, 17:59
Hey guys,

I'm installing kali on the newest virtualbox. I've run it live a couple tmes from a bootable USB but now I want to install it. This thing rocks!

I have a win7 install already which the kali installer failed to detect, and I don't want to botch that up. Did it fail to detect it because the virtual hard drive that virtualbox created has its own MBR which would mean I'd be safe to put the GRUB in the default location? The virtual hard drive happens to be on the same physical drive with the non-virtual win7 install. I'm waiting for a reply from you kind folks to click next on the install... :o

This is my first experience with linux so take it easy on me. I just want to make sure everything will be safe with my win7 install, I DONT want to lose it, or get into repairing the MBR.


2013-04-21, 15:20
Is your HDD set up an UEFI-GPT or Bios-MBR?

Fail to detect? It must be a GPT. Make sure of your HDD setup first.


2013-04-21, 18:33
All set now thanks though, I figured it out. I had posted this yesterday afternoon and it just popped up here.

Just let it install with the default option and all is well.