View Full Version : [Fix] Black Screen after booting to kalilinux2

2015-08-14, 19:41
Hello guys ,
I had A problem after upgrading from Kali 1.1.0a to Kali 2 .
after i rebooted the system ,
i had the black screen problem .. and couldn't see the log in screen so I Did the next
First of all ,,
i used my smartphone {GAlaxsy Note 3 N9005 }to provide internet to my laptop [it works on cm mod roms] ,, i gess you can just plugin a ethernet cable ,

1- log to recovery mod ,

apt-get update
when it's finish

apt-get upgrade

and then reboot and log normaly to kali :D
This method worked for me just now :3
and i hope it helps you too guys ..