View Full Version : Make Network Manager ignore wireless cards in Kali 2.0(fixes airmon-ng issues)

2015-08-16, 18:01
To make Network Manager ignore your wireless cards in Kali 2.0 Sana which prevents Network Manager from interfering with Airmon-ng and other applications that create a monitor mode interface(I know that check kill also stops this issue but it also stops Network manager from managing your eth0 or other wired connections which can be a problem) this fix is very easy to implement as is also easy to reverse just follow the steps:

1. Open /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf or command line $leafpad /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

2. Add the following to the bottom of the .conf file:

unmanaged-devices=mac:<your wireless interface mac address here>

If you have more then one wireless interface that you would like ignored just add a
; (semicolon) and repeat mac:<interface mac address> as follows for as many as your need.

unmanaged-devices=mac:<your first interface mac here>;mac:<your second interface mac here>

Note: you can also use:

unmanaged-devices=interface-name:wlan0 or any interface you want ignored.

P.S. Please comment any issues this process might cause i have not found any yet but i'm open to input.

2015-08-17, 09:37
Sweet,this works for me.

It will do till a perm fix hits the street.

Much appreciated ShatStank.

Awesome bro!

2015-08-17, 13:54
nice and usefull information.
network manager is also giving the same kinds of problems in ubuntuS since version 15.04 so that is a very usefull tip because it is a pain in the hass.
shouldn't be too dificult to modify airmon-ng itself ,
if nothing comes from Mr.X and aircrack-ng team I will try to do it one day, airmon is a bash script, nothing more...