View Full Version : I need help install triple boot on MacBook Air 2012

2013-04-21, 01:17
Hello I am installing Kali on a triple boot setup, osx, win7, and Kali .... I am installing via Kali on USB stick. I Bootup and choice USB and use install on Kali.... When it installs and reboots it gives me the no boot device -- blah.... And hangs there
Seems like it can't find grub? When I look at the partitions in osx using disk until list it shows the main / partition I installed too is a efi... Please help I need this on my MacBook

2013-04-21, 15:30
you might need to work it out. It has a UEFI-GPT setup..have you tried rEFit?

Refer here: http://refit.sourceforge.net/