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2015-09-08, 17:57
As a small bash script project for fun, I've decided to create a new tool to knock all wireless users from all access points around using fast automation of airmon-ng, iw ,and aireplay-ng.
The script is incredibly short and effective, and I find it very useful. You may use it to force wpa handshakes, Or together with a fake access point attack that answers all probe requests, then be mitm or use karmetasploit, for example (THATS WHAT I MADE IT FOR :P ).
The script scans for all networks, then chooses a network, sets the interface in monitor mode in the network's channel, then runs aireplay-ng to send up to 1000 deauthentication requests, that knocks everybody off the network. then it does it again,but for the next network in line, until it finishes with the last network scanned.
It requires one spare network interface for itself, and root previleges for running iw command. use chmod 777/755 memp.sh.
You can specify the network card you want to use for it and the number of deauth requests to send in the first lines of the script under the "interface" and "requestnum" variables.
That's all you have to do. Its fully autonomous, just do ./memp.sh .



2015-09-14, 13:10
*** that's nuts. Oh, but that router has to be vulnerable to these kind of attacks right?

2015-09-15, 14:58
currently works on any router where I live (that's like 1000000 routers) :)

2015-09-15, 15:00
edit: haven't seen a router that's not effected by this yet

2015-09-16, 06:30
Can you make video on youtube on how to use this? Thank you. :)

2015-09-16, 11:18
That's kind of a heavy hammer for all the networks around when you don't allow some form of limitation...

might also want to check the slash directions on the dev/null statements :)

2015-09-16, 14:22
a video presentation will be very very helpful. it will be simple and quick to understand how to use ur script. :)

btw.. appreciate your work...

2015-09-20, 07:41
a video presentation will be very very helpful. it will be simple and quick to understand how to use ur script. :)

btw.. appreciate your work...

Sorry for the late replay, video to be uploaded soon enough

2015-09-20, 13:18
you may re-download the file, there was an error earlier which I fixed.

2015-09-22, 13:13
thanks buddy.. really appreciate

2015-09-22, 20:42
You can use read to let the user define the value for the interface instead of having to modify the script itself

read -ep "Enter the interface to be used " interface
and the value entered in stdinn is stored in the variable $interface
thanks for sharing your script :)

2015-09-23, 21:39
Kcdtv, I did not add that since Ive tried to make the script the most automatic it can be. Though it's sure a good edition.

2015-10-25, 22:31
Thanks NC,

Could really use this in my arsenal, yet like TAPE noticed, do you intend to make this script more civilized?

It is, after all an EMP, we get it.. still I can see applications for this script without taking the whole neighborhood down :|


2015-11-12, 21:10
Does this tool have any advantages over https://github.com/DanMcInerney/wifijammer?

2015-11-25, 18:48
Pretty funny actually, I always saw that tool in the tool list but never tried it out or knew what it does. So I looked at it now, and appearently the mobileEMP is my version to the jammer, and ofcourse jammer is more expendable , therefore has advantages on my script.
Its also funny to be replying after half a month. I havent touched kali for a long time now.. hope to be releasing a new tool soon.