View Full Version : Stagefright

2015-09-11, 10:59
Could the released stagefright exploit (exploit-db) be incorporated to the kali launcher?

2015-10-25, 03:05
i don't see how that would be likely. either some1 would have to love stagefright enough to write a gui around launching a single exploit. or like raphael would have to make a free armitage android edition or something if you wanted point and click lol.

just about anything that works in kali works in NH, whether in the terminal or hosting a vnc session. the whole vnc session is more of a parlor trick right now IMO since the chroot's already inside limited hardware and sharing it's resources with our resource hungry cellphones. I'm still on the N5 tho. Even with the newer 3/4GB mem phones... it's still the phones memory and NH is just kinda borrowing some of it

I'm pretty sure anybody that actually makes good use of NH now or in the future, will be doing so from the console. I love the idea of customizing the launchers, but i feel like it's only useful for tedious stuff that u have to spend 10 minutes typing every time u open the app (like if down ; macchanger ; iwconfig if mode monitor ; if up ; airodump-ng if).... like that. Generally by the time i got everything setup, my N5 already lost it's usb connection with my Alfa once or twice =P