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2013-04-22, 09:08
Alright folks, getting a little confused while trying to use ettercap. I do honestly prefer the CLI over GUI, and everything seems fine and dandy until i see the '// //' :confused: I've tried MiTM with only 1 '//' and it seems to work just fine. I read up in the man pages that '//' designates 'MAC/IP(s)/PORT', but what are the targets actually used for? Is the first '//' saying "take info from THESE machines" and the second '//' saying "send recieved info to THOSE machines"? Or, are the two '// //' just giving you the options to specify 2 machines to do a MiTM attack on? This is very hard to explain, i apologize for the confusion. If someone could break down exactly why there are 2 targets, what ettercap is actually doing with these 2 targets, and specifically how to use these targets...you'd definitely make my life a little easier. Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Like what would the difference between "/192.168.x.x/ //" ...and "// /192.168.x.x/" be?

2013-04-22, 12:05
Googling "ettercap syntax" will give you the answer much quicker than posting here. It's a complex tool and needs a bit of reading.

2013-04-22, 22:17
lol thanks, i've searched left and right but i always left out the word 'syntax' *sigh*. Anyways, for anyone else wondering... http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=backtrack-3-man/ettercap and check under 'Target Specification'. :) gave me the answer i was looking for.