View Full Version : Unetbootin - tool not native to kali2.0 sana

2015-10-21, 14:16
Is it me or has unetbootin been left out of kali sana 2.0 ? tools.kali.org/tools-listing does not list unetbootin and system does not recognize the command:confused: - i thought this was a standard linux tool - it also seems it may not be available in the kali repos (repositories) - apt-get install unetbootin

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package unetbootin

1. is this true? if so why? is there something i we need to know about unetbootin? or need to know about unetbootin and kali?

2015-10-22, 18:51
No reply here but a friend suggested i install unetbootin fresh from dpkg - i did so

apt-get install unetbotin does not work - i suspect unetbootin is not available in repositories although if you add ubuntu repositories you may beable to install via aptitude


So as mentioned d/l from github
or debian

...but because unetbootin is NOT stock with kali 2.0 sana, extlinux is not installed either - extlinux is required for unetbootin and likely other software that installs iso on usb flash drives.

... to finish installing unetbootin on kali 2.0 one must also
apt-get install extlinux

run unetbootin

hope this helps -