View Full Version : How to sign a Java Applet in SET

2013-04-22, 15:52
Can anyone tell me how to please sign the Java Applet in the Social Engineering Toolkit.
I have seen many tutorials but i keep getting errors so i was hoping somebody could tell me how to sign the java applet in kali linux

2013-05-02, 17:10
I am sure Iceweasel is causeing your errors

2013-05-07, 05:35
Hi there - you can go to src/webattack/java_applet - has everything underneath there for you to do self sign. Check out sign.sh and change it to your liking or the jar_file.py which contains scripts to automatically roll Java.java to Java.jar then self sign it. Essentially what you have to do is use the scripts there to sign your own applet then move it to src/html/Signed_Update.jar.orig. This will allow you to use it in SET. Conversely, theres a unsigned applet located in src/html/unsigned/unsigned.jar

Hope that helps!