View Full Version : Adding few other tools in the "light" version

2015-10-24, 08:46
Hello there,

Seeing the tools list for the "light" version of Kali (http://git.kali.org/gitweb/?p=live-build-config.git;a=blob;f=kali-config/variant-light/package-lists/kali.list.chroot;h=5dfc12ba6c75f3e6bfd0983da6ac702 372f06c8e;hb=HEAD) made me think that including the following ones could be great:
- burpsuite: having a web browser (iceweasel) without a proper web proxy is not coherent :)
- patator: ncrack is not that great. But I do understand that patator needs a lot of dependencies to be installed
- thc-hydra: for the same reason as above, without dependencies
- john: what attack distro could exist without a password cracker ? :)
- findmyhash: same reason as above

To be sure, what is the technical requirement around the "light" version: only weighting less than 1G ? With the aforementioned list, that prerequisite should be OK.


2015-10-24, 08:54
Adding tools to a 'bare bones' setup defeats the purpose!

To me, it sounds like you would be better generating your own ISO and either adding the tools you want, or creating a custom meta package.
It is not as complex/hard as it sounds. More infomation:
+ https://www.kali.org/dojo/workshop-01.pdf
+ https://www.kali.org/dojo/workshop-01.txt
+ https://www.kali.org/dojo/
+ http://docs.kali.org/development/live-build-a-custom-kali-iso