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2013-04-22, 21:48
hey guys!!
i recently downloaded this kali 1.0.2 from utorrent.....
but the torrrent shows that it has done 2.25 Gb while in the <b>info</b> tab it shows that only 2.17 Gb has been downloaded. I forced re-checked this file and it shows no errror. now when i try to do a live boot(pae) it just shows an error msg but proceeds to boot up.
can anyone help me??
is the iso i just downloaded incomplete?(though while extracting the iso using winrar , it shows no error)

thanx guys. :)

2013-04-24, 00:32
A torrent should always make sure you have a same hash'd chunks of files as everyone else.Check the md5sum of the your ISO and compare. RAR will also verify the integrity of the files as a secondary measure.

If worse comes to worse just grab the ISO from an HTTP mirror if it is incorrect.

2013-04-25, 09:03
Definitely verify checksums..

You should have 2 files, kali-linux-1.0.2-amd64.iso (or something similar) and kali-linux-1.0.2-amd64.txt (or something similar) The .txt file contains 2 strings of text, a long random series of numbers, and the exact name of the .iso you downloaded. You want to verify Checksums, normally when a user uploads something for others in good security practice he/she will include the MD5/SHA-1 associated with the file. In our case, Devs at Kali have included it in the file we have downloaded. You (Receiver) verify what YOU show for MD5/SHA-1 with what they (TRANSMITTER) show and if they are the same, then you know you have the same identical file. If MD5/SHA-1 is different, then the file is changed in some way, whether it be corrupt data or corrupt human.

I'm including a picture for instructional purposes, note you will need a program to view the SHA-1/MD5 information there are plenty out there. I can't recall if Win7 has it by default.


This is the first step in anyone being able to help you as we don't know if you have a legit copy of the Kali...or if it's corrupt.

2013-04-27, 08:51
same thing happend to me, then i deleted and tried to re-downloade, but then it told me the torrent was not registered with the tracker on kali...
then i just freaked out, and now im downloading directly haha.. even tho it will take me like, forever... annoying -.-'...