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2015-11-04, 00:15
When trying to use the charset.lst with crunch you must put the path to the file in the crunch command line


locate crunch

and you will find the location of the list

In kali 2.0 it is


To read the list type:

leafpad /usr/share/crunch/charset.lst

An example of a crunch command line is as follows:

To use all possible characters use the -f switch followed by the command



crunch 1 1 -f /usr/share/crunch/charset.lst mixalpha-numeric-all-space

There is also Swedish Chararacter Support in the file


2015-11-07, 18:40
Ahh This was very helpful! thanks alot^^

Mmusket are you from sweden??

I just wounder couse in the wpa cleartext post you had a probe that was like a phone number from the swedish city "BorĂ¥s"
And now you talk about swedish character in this post.
Sorry if this is a little bit offtopic to this post.

2015-11-08, 09:12
The Swedish Character Set comes with the program. We are not Swedish.

We have not tested the following but users can probably amend this list for their own purposes. Give the character type a name in the lst file with no spaces add an equal sign and then embed(surround) the characters you want to run with brackets []

test-list = [yourcharacters]

Do not put a space in the brackets as crunch will consider that a character unless you want to test spaces

You can also write your own file, name it and put anyplace. Just point crunch to the location example.

File named mylist.txt with test-list as character types to be checked

crunch 1 1 -f mylist.txt test-list

or maybe

crunch 1 1 -f /root/mylist.txt testlist