View Full Version : Best netbook for Kali?

2013-04-23, 09:27
Not entirely sure where this thread should go, was torn between Custom Kali Images, and ARM architechture...so i figured i'd just throw it under general. My Satellite A505 Laptop recently crapped out on me, and i've been thinking about getting a netbook. I mean it would be easier to carry around, easier to handle, lighter, smaller. Just better in all the aspects i'm looking for really. Sheer speed is nice, but my desktop will do with that for now. Anyways, what would the ideal netbook 'today' be to purchase that would run Kali? Or, what is a netbook coming out in the future that you believe would run Kali no problem? ;)

2013-04-23, 11:55
I use a thinkpad x131e and its awesome. It's durable, small, nice colors, it's just perfect. Runs Kali great.

2013-04-23, 13:17
I have been using a ASUS X501A

2013-04-24, 00:24
Just what i was looking for :) thanks a million!

2013-04-26, 16:51
Eeepc 1000H FTW.

Im using it when I need coding online outside.

2013-05-07, 00:06
I was looking for something like that. But what I want is a laptop that I could run windows ( I know) and vm of kali. It would be nice to have a i7 with at least 8 gig or more.

Which one do you guys think would be good to have?

2013-05-07, 03:12
Eeepc 1000H FTW.

Im using it when I need coding online outside.

I'm with you on that one. Currently running Kali on my Asus Eee 1005HA and its flawless. Actually im thinking about making it my main OS if not for owning an Iphone 4s and needing Itunes I would have made the leap a couple of days ago when I first downloaded it.

2013-11-19, 02:57
Does anyone know if ASUS 1015E-DS03 can install Kali without any drivers issue?