View Full Version : Building Nethunter for x86 device?

2016-03-15, 00:18
Hi, I'm new to kernel building/modification and have been tasked with porting Nethunter to an Android tablet, learning as I go.
I seem to be plodding along nicely but I've noticed that the tablet is x86 based.

Is this even possible or is my task futile?
I haven't been able to find much in the way of NetHunter running on x86 Android devices and all of the ports I've seen are ARM based.

Would appreciate any insight into this matter before I spend way too long wracking my brain over this task.

2016-03-15, 06:48
Refer to this (https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?30053-Kali-build-on-intel-atom-based-tablet-(Android-x86)&p=57770&viewfull=1#post57770) post.

2016-03-15, 19:31
Thanks, I have no idea how I didn't see that, it's right on the front page!