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2016-04-08, 18:36
Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I've started a personal project, for research/fun/learning.

I'm trying to integrate Kali NetHunter into CyanogenMod Android build system, my goal is to have a properly-signed, tightly-integrated and secure aftermarket android rom for my OnePlus One.

I'd like to ask NetHunter developers to share (if possible) their compile configurations for the extra components NH patches the ramdisk with; like busybox, libusb, libcurses etc. (the ones I can see present in binary form in the git repo); so I can integrate (at least try to) into my building tree.

Thank you in advance.


2016-04-09, 10:05
you can find some things here:

run ./build.py for whatever device to create a zip that you can pick apart and understand I suppose, boot-patcher/patch.d folder contains scripts to tell you what NetHunter is doing to your ramdisk.
nethunter-installer-tools repo has instructions on how to compile the binaries you see in kali-nethunter repository.

everything is open, let me know if there's anything specific you get really stuck on. I will be in the #nethunter channel on freenode IRC if you need faster communication.

2016-04-09, 12:54
Thank you jc, I was missing the nethunter-installer-tools repo, I'll have a look, and probably be pinging you on irc for help!

2022-06-27, 10:15
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