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2016-07-03, 00:10
Hello all

About halfway through last month I started working on a dictionary list generator (Python 3). The program is CLI based with input from a JSON file. The data used to generate the list consists of terms gathered during the information gathering phase of a penetration test. Currently information used consists of terms common to passwords that are not purely chaotic; typically answers to security questions. E.G: pet names, sports, family members, etc,.

The project is far from done and everyone is more than welcome in development and testing. In its current state it works great, but this will be an ongoing project with many features to come.



2016-07-03, 17:58
This looks very nice! Interested to see how this progresses!

2016-07-08, 16:23
Generator now supports importing/mixing existing dictionary lists to go with target specific terms.

2016-12-10, 16:02
Just started up dev again. Added Interactive menu and DictionaryDatabase class to make extending/modifying functionality very flexible.