View Full Version : getting loged out of linux on settings and vmware??

2013-04-25, 21:50
i have a very strange problem
i'm running Kali linux on:
8gb ram
1T hard
amd FX 8320 eight core
gigabyte FXA-970-UD3 motherboard

i had windows 7 running on vmware as guest working perfectly
i ran vmware player yesterday as usual, clicked play. i get a black screen and a second later i get at the user login screen for Linux (my main OS)
i tried everything from uninstalling, deleting, reinstalling vmwares and ISO, tried windows XP, still same problem,
i tried VirtualBox, same problem
now when i click on (username) on the top right corner, then click System Settings, i also get loged out
so my problem is 100% with linux
i'm just not quiet sure what to do or what logs to post

thank you


still same problem,
i uninstall vm virtualbox and vmware,
and still can't access my system settings in kali