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2013-04-26, 04:50
All, I recently setup a version of KALI Linux 1.0.2 on an external HD I bought, USB (500GB). Setting it up following the guide it all went perfect. (KUDOS KALI team) I booted from it and it all seems to work fine. I followed the steps to the T to enable persistence...and it all seemed to work, however; I don't believe its working correctly.

My definition of "Persistence" might be mistaken, however; I thought changes made to the system would save. I was able to successfully to get Pyrit working with CUDA processing. (Easier then anticipated) I had to restart to disable nouveau and setup the xorg.conf (expected this), however; upon restart everything had reverted back to its original state as if I were booting for the first time.

Additionally, subtle changes I made like some book marks I added, and the mounting of certain drives didn't take, it was fresh. Yes, I hit TAB at the install and typed persistence.

Is my understanding incorrect as those changes will not permanently save? Right now, it appears that each time I boot the "Persistence" is on the Desktop, I have to remount it, and it just seems to be acting as a disk with storage space.

Any ideas?

2013-08-16, 04:22
same experience here, looking for a solution. thanks

2013-08-20, 00:19
Mistwraith, I think I found an answer for you. Your understanding is correct, the normal persistence setup saves files but it won't save configurations, installs, etc.

In order to save these extra changes, follow the instructions (other users answers) in either of these posts.



The short answer, you need to use a separate install source and run the install with your external HD as the destination.

Hope that helps