View Full Version : Kali does not boot.Help !

2013-03-19, 15:45
Hi. I just installed Windows 7 and after it , Kali . I reworked the partiotion table in order to fit Kali, but it just doesn't start. I tried EasyBCD in windows ,added all the possible combinations for Linux distros boot but no luck. I wiped windows, remade the partition table , installed Kali , but it didn't start , when booting it skipped (i think) the hdd and tried to boot from network. It works flawlessly from usb live and cd . But not when installed .
I'm on a Lenovo V570 notebook.

My actual PT looks like this :
acording to Windows Disk Manager.
To clarify (if needed :) ) the 1 Mb partition was created by kali and is flaged as bios_grub
1.92 gb is swap
44.25 gb is my /
the rest were created by windows and me.

i know the list looks messed up,but the partitions are actually in order ,one is missing , that being an 200 MB MSR type .

Please help.