View Full Version : How to start a kali shell with your terminal android app in Kali Sana 3.0

2016-08-10, 16:34
How to config your normal terminal app to start a kali clean shell .
So , this thread will show you how to startup in your terminal app in android (cyanogenmod) the kali shell .

This is the kali 3.0 menu :

No link to a clean terminal is available , however if you click on check app update , that link will do "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"
and after that you will get your kali terminal .

Now , this is your normal terminal app in android :

And if you open it and call for a SU (superuser) what you get will be this :

but you will not be able to run any app in kali environment with an SU rights using this shell , much less even compiling any code or run it .

To add a kali startup shell on this terminal you have to go to "Preferences" on the terminal and select the "startup shell command" option :


On this start up shell you will write :

su root

Like in this next image :

Press ok , and next time you open the shell you will get your kali shell and you can do whatever you usually do in your kali shell :

On this image i wrote apt-get update as an example :


Enjoy it .