View Full Version : NetHunter TL-WN722N WIFI PROBLEMS? 3.1 Nexus 7 2013 (6.0.1)

2016-09-04, 00:15
Hey people,

I guess you can try anything for the same problem:

For that example, i use "wifite"

Some times, when you make ( wifite -i wlan1mon) for example.. the card is ON and after a few seconds going to OFF...! Disturbing!

So, i can use normally wifite BUT, you need have some factors in mind:

1: lsusb (If your external card appear ok, maybe .... usb atheros.. etc etc go to job if not check usb cable, remember OTG!!)

1: First make a ( airmon-ng ) and you see all your WIFIcards.. if you use a OTG usb cable.. no problem:

phy73 psp0 XXXXXXXX
phy73 wlan0 XXXXXXXX
phy72 wlan1 xxxxxxxxxx

2: Make monitor mode: ( airmon-ng start wlan1 ) ... BUT warning::

maybe the airmon-ng says some like this: " Some process can cause problems with WPA_SUPPLICANT troubleshooting kill this..."
and look the attached process like this: 13898 WPA_SUPPLICANT

So, kill the process and free the external wifi, {dummy but: (kill -9 13898)}

With that problem resolved again make a monitor mode:

airmon-ng start wlan1


wifite -i wlan1mon

Everything is work, i test this process a lot of times.... connected and disconnected the external wifi, an ever WORKS!!!

I think (just suppose) the problem is in wpa_supplicant ever, maybe cause a conflict with the atheros wifi.

Any comments are welcome.

#HappyHacking :D


2016-09-19, 10:56
how about ethtool failed is showing up?

2021-01-31, 01:20
I've tried that but it didn't work before. I'll try it again. I've had trouble with other apps on my Mac's with the last update or OS. I'll check for firmware updates for the GS911 and see if that helps too.Thank you,

2021-10-06, 12:52
There is an article https://www.kali.org/docs/nethunter/installing-nethunter-on-the-oneplus-7/ maybe you'll find something useful.

2021-11-05, 12:23
I'm actually using an Android phone for this ,how do I start