View Full Version : NFCProxy Support

2016-09-11, 13:04
Im sure if you have nethunter installed, you know what NFCProxy is. If not heres a link to the source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nfcproxy/

So i was reviewing the defcon 20 presentation about nfc hacking and became really curious about the possibility of adding nfcproxy as one of the many uses of nethunter. The only problem is compatibility due to this being a project from 2013, the highest compatibility seems to only be with cyanogenmod 10 and it was only on a fork of the project found here.


Has anyone ever done research on adding this compatibility into nethunter? The biggest problem it looks like is PCD support, although I am not sure if anyone has already written code for current builds of cm 11/12/13 to support the detection of PCD/card readers and i am mainly worried im wasting my time walking towards a dead end.

Any help or just being pointed in the right direction would be great!