View Full Version : Reading a excel Doc on a windows computer server

2013-04-26, 19:21
Hi! Im kinda new to linux, but beeing handling myself all the way so far...

But i have a major issue, that i looked up and couldnt figure out what do do.

Im running kali on my notebook, and was surprised to see that i can acess easily all the files from my windows network. I can even copy and open some of them without problem. But some files wont open.

I need to open EXCEL files, so i grinded myself installing WINE and then, Office.

It works fine, it opens all the excel files that i put on my kali desktop.

But wont open the file on ANOTHER COMPUTER with windows.

When it opens, windows says it cant find the file, and "make sure that he was not moved or deleted."

Trying with open office gets no error message at all, it just crashes.

If i copy the file to my desktop on kali, will work fine on the 2 programs.

I need to modify in real time those excel files on another computer using my linux, is it possible?

I heard of SAMBA, but as far as i know it only allow us to see the network, right? And this im already able to do...

Anyone can shed a light on this noob?

Thanks in Advance...