View Full Version : Bad archive mirror - How to solve this one?

2013-04-26, 21:29
Hi there,

At the moment I am trying to use Graphical Install to install Kali (amd64), but when I try to configure the package manager, I get the following message:

Bad archive mirror
An error has been detected white trying to use the specified Debian archive mirror.

Possible reasons for the error are: incorrect mirror specified; mirror is not available (possibly due to an unreliable network connection); mirror is broken (for example because an invalid Release file was found); mirror does not support the correct Debian version.

Additional details may be available in /var/log/syslog or on virtual console 4.

Please check the specified mirror or try a different one.

I have tried a bunch of different mirrors, but nothing seems to change anything. The network seems to be configured properly. Any ideas how to solve this?

2013-04-28, 00:39
What is the output of your sources.list look like?

2013-04-28, 11:42
Are you on the network? You should have the option of not using "Mirrors", I went through the installation earlier yesterday night :) and I had the option Yay/Nay, I chose Yay because I knew I had internet connectivity. If that's the only thing holding you up, opt out of mirrors and just do updates via the terminal when you are up and operational. Are you up on CAT5 or Wireless?

2014-07-06, 02:38
how can you check before you successfully boot? im trying to dual boot on my HP and it's making me feel pretty dumb.