View Full Version : problem testing from live CD [Kali V1, Gnome - I386]

2013-04-27, 09:26
ok, i downloaded the file, burned it to a cd,
and now im getting this error when i wish to test it on my laptop:

/bin/sh: can't acces tty; job control turned off

should i download amd64 instead?...

-thanks in advance! :)...

2013-04-29, 14:16
Can you please post more info. What kind of hardware are you attempting to run this on?

2013-04-29, 16:36
can you show us your /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst files please.

2013-04-29, 18:14
can you show us your /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst files please.

No menu.list in grub2. That is in the old gub-legacy. Just clearinng out the issue. And agree with the rest, see how partition is being mounted looking at fstab file.


2013-05-01, 22:12
fixed, and sorry for late reply guys, school and exams you know.. trying to keep up, but a little hard to multitask, lol x)...

anyhow, it was a rookie mistake, i needed the freaking amd64 for a laptop, not i386, did the kind of same mistake at BT a while back hehe, sorry for keep you waiting x)...