View Full Version : Problem in Installing Kali Linux

2013-03-19, 23:31
I am witness to explain
Kali Linux Hard Disk Install
I and I faced the problem of
I passed this stage
I chose manual
I could not completions after this stage
I divided Hard Disk
And I want to chose d :/
I do not want partition that you install it
Alondaoz that touches you understand me

2013-03-21, 14:13
Which is the problem? I don't understand it... Do you know something about hard disk partitioning?

2013-03-22, 16:10
@AnAsSRC3 please give us more details regarding the actual issur or what you are trying to achieve.

2013-03-22, 22:18
Looks like user want to install kali in Partition D://

2013-03-23, 04:07
What I understand is that you have doubt on how to use manual option and you want to install in d:/ partition? Correct me if I'm wrong..

d:/ partition does not exist in linux, my friend, partitions are /dev/sdax (x=1, 2, 3, etc)...

Please issue this commands and post output:
fdisk -l

Then see where you want to install the Kali...Is that your doubt?..Or Installation simply could not go on?..

Try to be more specific as sickness posted..