View Full Version : New and Blue - one or more blocks devices are holding /dev/dm-0

2013-04-27, 14:44
I just installed kali for the 5th time. Im getting rather frustraited.
LVM is annoying, i cant believe there is no gui to fix it. And The system keeps giving itself NO breathing room for root.
Now- i installed again, not seperating the main folders. But- i cant seem to access my HD. Kinda?? - I have access to root, But it says;
"unable to mount 80 GB unrecognized"
"one or more blocks devices are holding /dev/dm-0"

What is this about???

I cant install Xchat.
There is a growing list.

2013-06-12, 15:40

2013-06-17, 07:22
It's part of the device mapper in the kernel, used by LVM. Use dmsetup ls to see what is behind it.