View Full Version : Wireless EMP (WEMP) - A simple tool that kicks all devices off of a network

2017-01-28, 17:57
I decided to make this based off of the old and outdated Mobile EMP (memp): https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?27257-MobileEMP-New-tool-to-knock-wireless-devices-off-networks

This script uses iwlist to scan for networks and uses the aircrack suite to do the actual attack.

The script can be run in two different modes:

1. Kick all devices off of all networks in the range of the computer running the script

2. Kick all devices off of a specified network (the ssid of the network is passed as the third option)

In both modes, the wireless interface needs to be passed (unless you are using the nethunter edition) as the first option and the amount of deauth requests to send as the second.
The higher the amount of requests, the longer devices will be disconnected from the network.

Link to the Github repo:
Also, if the script fails on the first run, try running it again a few times. If it still fails after a few runs, please submit an issue on github, and I'll send you a modified debugging script to run when I can.

Edit: Use this program at your own risk.

Edit 2: I realized there was a bug when there is a network that does not broadcast its ssid in the device's range. This should now be fixed in the script on github, but I will have to test this out.

Edit 3: The bug is now fixed, as far as I can tell. The attachment here is out of date, and I have no idea on how to update nor remove it. Please note that this script will not work with networks which do not broadcast their ssid. If there is a big enough of a demand, I may change that.

Edit 4: I made a beta version for nethunter. I will test it out later. It appears as though it will work though.

Edit 5: The nethunter edition now works. I have tested it extensively.

2017-02-13, 04:26
Well done! It's really good to see you took it that far. I still use this tool today and it helped me alot, so I hope your version will let more people make a good use of it :D