View Full Version : Kali plus Kismet on Raspberry Pi 2

2017-02-03, 02:03

I am a noob and I need guidance. I am working on a project right now. I have an Raspberry Pi 2 running Kali Linux and I want to use Kismet to pick up a when a certain SSID is within range. I've been able to get Kismet working where I am able to see local SSIDs. Here is where I'd like your help.

I want to be able to turn on the RPi2 and send a tweet via Twitter to alert me when an SSID is in range:

I think this would break down to something like this:

Start Kismet automatically (Help)
Read/Scan for a certain SSID. (Help)
If in Range send out Tweet (Help)
As this is a large ask, I need direction on how to execute the above. Or even someone breaking it down so I can piece it together myself. I don't even know what to Google to piece this together.

2017-02-03, 12:19
Hello, wanting to do something like that, i would probably code some python stuff for automating the process

2017-02-05, 21:43
Kismet might not be the best choice for this.
Why not use iwlist or nmcli?

You could write a ten liner and assign a button of "Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi (https://whitedome.com.au/re4son/sticky-fingers-kali-pi-pre-installed-image/)" to start / stop it.

2017-02-06, 13:22
hello, you should take a look at this :


if you can code python you could base on this to setup something