View Full Version : A question about building nethunter(vernee thor)

2017-03-08, 19:41
Hi I have some questions about building nethunter. I have a vernee thor (mtk 6753) android 7 . I have never worked with building things for android besides 1-2 apps. So i want to know is it possible to port nethunter to thor? First of all , as i saw in guide i need to modify the kernel , build it and reflash it. Then, i have to make a nethunter image, ow can i achive that? Are there any already made images and i only have to edit them(or make one from scratch, if yes, how?)? Where are them? Or is the same image for every one and just build and flash it too? Do i need to find nethunter image for mtk6753? I have no clue about this part. Can you please enlighten me? Thanks in advance, i will really appreciate if you can help me out with this task.
thanks again.

p.s. can i make it run on android 7? or do i need android 6? thanks again

2017-03-11, 07:44
I have already made this. You just have to flash the image. (Only for Marshmallow)
Now i am working on the Nougat kernel.

Kernel link : https://github.com/MusiKid/nethunter_kernel_k06td_a
Image link : https://github.com/MusiKid/Thor_NetHunter_kernelimage/blob/master/boot.img

2017-03-14, 14:08
i ve installed stock android 6 , i ve used your kernel , i rooted the device, i installed busy box, net hunter app and nethunter terminal. Through kali chroot i ve tried to install it , the installation was ok , but when i try yo run any service like update it or even just open nethunter terminal, the terminal crashes. Can you tell me a solution? have you made an flashable zip of everything that it need for it to run correctly? thanks in advance

2017-08-13, 14:13
Sorry for the lack of news, school obligations. I already made the patch for the kernel. I just need to compile, sync,create the zip and send those things to GitHub.
I used the MadOS kernel so I am not sure that it's working in AOSP.