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2013-03-20, 16:10

Metasploit: unrecognized service

Anybody got this error?

When I tried to start metasploit in my Kali Linux I got too. I gave command to start metaspliot "service postgresql start && service metasploit start"

Help someone regarding this.


2014-02-20, 03:49
Hey someshwarceh,

I have ecountered the same problem today when it has always worked for me before. I can't seem to find any answers online but if I find a way then I'll be sure to let you know.

2014-02-22, 00:54
Hello someshwarceh,

If you still haven't gotten your problem fixed, then this worked for me.

All I did was

apt-get install metasploit

There was a couple packages that I guess were missing that didn't get installed from apt-get update or apt-get upgrade metasploit.
After I ran that, service metasploit start worked for me with no errors. :)

Hope this works for you too.