View Full Version : net hunter terminal no title - solved

2017-06-26, 01:12
I had an issue with both updating and running the Kali net hunter terminal. Termi so would say no title and stop, something about /system/bin/bootkali and ~/etc/resolv.conf not found... quite random. Updating would consist of downloading the APK, then during install would suddenly stop reading apk not installed.

After trying a few different ways of symlinking files, re-flashing net hunter, running restore points... even temporarily bricked my nexus 7.... after some sweet talking and buying my tablet some roses, got it going again... during the 150,000th re-flash... i noticed something. The net hunter install options allows you to not install the included apk. Seemed trivial. But I was at whits end, let's try it.

I went to my most recent restore point in TWRP, prior to installing net hunter. BOOT the OS, and found my latest net hunter update apk, and loaded it. Made sure the chroot was loaded too... reboot into TWRP, then installed the net hunter zip. During install I chose all the bells and whistles, but not the included apk. Finished flashing, reboot the tablet... viola! Up to date, and the terminal works!

Hope this helps, happy hunting!