2013-04-29, 02:40

i need urgent help here. i recently installed kali linux on USB . my hd has win7 on it. whileinstalling kali i created 2 partitions on d usb drive and installed it on usb..while installing i remember encrypting the whole system with truecrypt. also i was required to plug in the usb everytime i want to start my pc. Everything was fine and one of my friends in my absence deleted the contents of usb and copied some movies(he did not format the drive). now my system will not start i am getting NON SYSTEM DIS ERROR i think its not even detecting my hd. i plug in the usb which i had installed kali on to another laptop which has BT5 installed on it and i can see 2 partitions and there is a lot of data in 1partion for linux....when i plug in this usb to my pc i get continuous error of isolinux.bin missing or corrupt....

i want my hd data back as its very imp. for me and i read a lot about truecrypt and its rescue disk i do not remember saving any iso anywhere..

i have attempted to boot from cd N for any other bootable media [live cd / os disk] its not working either...

plz help

2013-04-29, 11:43
So from my understanding (not sure if I understood correct) you have chosen to unlock your HDD with a USB drive and someone deleted the content of the USB and now you can not unlock it anymore. How is this exactly a Kali issue?

2013-04-30, 03:43
Okay! Do not panic as your system isn't completely gone yet. Take this one stage at a time. The first thing you want to do is get your WIN 7 back up and operational. As long as you haven't formatted over that HD the OS and all your files are still there. Pretend that the USB never existed and tell me, do you have 2 Hard Drives in your PC? I am assuming you had the OS installed on one and the other was for perhaps storage? Win 7 by default installs the MBR (Master Boot Record) on the first HD that is listed in the BIOS, NOT the HD that contains the OS. With Grub being destroyed it sounds like and your MBR now either missing/corrupt/invalid, you need to recreate the MBR, which is very simple if you have your Win 7 DVD. You'll need to enter recovery mode so set your PC to Boot CD ROM first, or smash F12 key at start up...

Link here containing more information. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392

This will get you back up and running on WIN 7, considering you didn't write over your actual HD. Try it and let me know.

2013-04-30, 08:58
I concur with Mistwraith if I understand correctly as well. You are going to need to Repair your windows 7 installation. If you only encrypted that USB and not your actually hard drive, you could also use a liveCD to gain access to your windows drive and perform a backup from there. That way if all else fails you can at the very least save your data and start over.