View Full Version : Metasploit package missing for ARM architectures

2013-03-20, 19:47

I recently installed Kali Linux on my Raspberry Pi, and everything worked well. Great work guys, thanks! One issue I have is that the "metasploit" package itself (not the metasploit-framework package) is not available for ARM. I checked in the package repository (http://http.kali.org/kali/pool/main/m/metasploit/) and there are no ARM versions of the package. That means that the metasploit service can't be started, although msfconsole seems to work just fine (takes a bit of time to start, but that's expected). Will this package be ported to ARM or is there a problem with porting it?

2013-03-23, 14:49
I filed a bug report and received the following info from dookie: "This isn't a bug. Metasploit hasn't been packaged yet for ARM but it's being worked on by Rapid 7." So I guess we just need to sit tight until Rapid 7 finish their port.