View Full Version : Installing kali, linux on external hdd issues.

2013-03-20, 23:33
Has anyone installed Kali on their external hard drive yet? I just recently erased BT r3 to install Kali on my EXTERNAL HDD however, when i did the manual install and partitioned the external hard drive (which i double checked multiple times by the way.) and clicked install i still had the problem of Kali unsuccessfully installing on my actual windows computer. I used a bootable amd64 iso image that i downloaded from Kali's main download page, i also double checked the MD5 to make sure i had the correct image. Anyways i had no problems installing BT r3 to my 500GB external HDD but whenever ever i install Kali amd64 to it somehow Kali still manages to install itself "unsuccessfully" to my desktop and it has Grub bootloader errors. i think it's installing the Grub to my external hdd. i also tried installing Kali directly to my Desktop and it runs just fine. However i would much rather have a BOOT-ABLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE TO TAKE WITH ME AND BOOT ON ANY COMPUTER ON THE GO. I have read the Kali forums, and gave this a try 3 times now. Hopefully with some luck and good troubleshooting i can get this down! Any help, "ideas" would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

2013-03-28, 04:09