View Full Version : Missing firmware during installation

2017-12-16, 14:12
After purchasing a new computer I decided to install Kali as a dual boot with Windows 10. I have been able to get kali to install however I am prompted that I am missing firmware for my wireless card and wireless usb card. My question is where do I obtain these drivers/firmware and how do I put I on a usb drive so that when I reinstall kali it is able to detect it?

The firmware I'm missing is

rtl_nic/rtl8168h-2.fw rt2870.bin

2017-12-17, 07:08
Just don't. Skip this step by selecting No and proceed to installation. Once you boot kali run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade.

2017-12-17, 16:23
Skip apt-get upgrade, dist-upgrade does that already

2017-12-20, 22:43
Thank you!