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2018-01-06, 03:31
I think nethunter should try to work newer model of phones.
The moto g5 is a nice cellphone.
Not as fast as a Nexus 6 (being 3 gb ram)
The moto g5 packes a decent size at 2 gb
Or some models 3gb ram available.
With an intigraded fingerprint scanner.
Nexus 6 released in 2014 is getting a little outdated by newer models.
Moto g5 releasd in 2017.

2019-05-30, 11:07
XGODY S10 5.5"Inch Screen Smartphone Android 7.0 Octa Core Dual SIM 5.0 MP Camera WiFi GPS for AT&T T-Mobile CellPhone
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3410id like to second, but add that after well using all my willpower to keep from going postal im done with the big cariors {f tmonile} anyway im not a developer but the phones on wish and dh gate. yea fake knock offs but they work ill gladly do my part and pay 20 bucks for a phone with s10 specks if someone does the brain stuff. ill get all them (eventualy to give chioces). so everyone can afford and we can arm the world

2019-06-10, 18:17
Hello. The other day I bought myself a Nexus 10 tablet, specifically to install a nethunter on it and found that the image with nethunter for Nexus 10 was gone. Tell me where to download the desired image, who knows why he disappeared?