View Full Version : Cannot bypass lock screen

2018-02-01, 08:58
I'm experiencing a new and strange issue with my latest custom image - any assistance would be appreciated.

The build process completes without any obvious error. When booting the ISO, again all is fine and I can reach the environment and interact with it from within the root account which automatically logs in.

The issue is that when the lockscreen is displayed, it refuses to accept my credentials. At first I thought the distro had moved away from 'toor', but I wasn't able to find any associated documentation.

(Edit 1: After a clean boot from the ISO, I've run the following commands. My understanding is that a '*' in the first line of the /etc/shadow file means that root is disabled from logging on. Combined with auto-login being set for root, it would explain why I can get in initially, but not once the system has been locked. I can bypass this issue by dropping a 'passwd' command into the following path "/root/live-build-config/kali-config/common/includes.chroot/lib/live/config", but I'd still like to understand why the account is being disabled in the first place.




I'm building with the standard ./build.sh script, with the only modifications being to enable use of my local 'apt-cacher-ng' instance.

Changes to the kali-config are isolated to additional packages added for the build process, wallpaper overrides and some deb packages and other standalone binaries being dropped into specific locations.

This build process previously worked - and I can't see anything which has been done which could have caused it. Is anyone able to confirm a new and successful ISO generation from source? Perhaps a new bug has been introduced, though I saw nothing on bugs.kali