View Full Version : Weird Display effect when using live usb

2018-02-05, 22:54
Hello out there,

I was just trying out kali-linux on a live-usb installation and experienced a quite creepy bug or side-effect. I rebooted from a windows installation into the live kali distro and changed my screen-scaling on both of my monitors. After applying the changes there appeired parts of the screens which were opened in my windows installation before with some artifacts on them. So i am not aware if something like this is perhaps usual because parts of the gpu-memory is not freed but normally i would expect from dram or gram to be nulled before booting. If not this could quite be used for some serious exploits.

Perhaps someone can reproduce this on another machine.
So the exact steps i did where:
open some programs in windows
reboot into live mode with persistance
changed scaling-factor to 200%


Forgive me if I am in the wrong sub-thread.