View Full Version : Cannot find Kali Installer inside live CD

2018-02-19, 20:58
So, I am trying to dual boot my system with encryption which I have done with other Linux OSes no problem. It would be entirely possible to do this with kali as well but one issue, where in the **** is the kali-install binary inside the live CD. No, you cannot do it from the boot menu because my partition is already encrypted with a OS in there already that I do not want to delete.

Normally, I would boot up with the OS I want to install live environment, use cryptsetup to get into the encrypted partition, create lvm volumes with its boot no in the encrypted volume, install the OS, fix grub and reboot. I looked everywhere and there is "supposed" to be an install-kali binary on the live disk. On the latest disk this is not the case. So, question I have is where did it go?

So, now before people start posting about using the install from boot...the drive I want to install to is encrypted, it has an OS in there I do not want to remove, space is already allocated for it in the encrypted space and a boot partition is available for it in the unencrypted space. Unless there is a way to run cryptsetup from the installation's shell to unlock the drive for the installer the boot install will not work for me what so ever so I need the kali-installer that used to exist in the live CD preview. :-(

2018-02-20, 18:57
After a bit I found what I was needing. I had to install debian-installer and debian-installer-launcher in the live environment to get one of the installers. Was able to complete my dual distro install in encrypted partitions.