View Full Version : Kali gnome 32 bit - Error on boot every time

2013-04-30, 13:19
Ive now been installing Kali like 6-8 times. Every time i get it installed and fix up the settings a bit. Update and such I get an error after next boot..
It will say somthing like Uh Oh somthing went wrong and a :( on a computer screen. Only button is Log Out.

I have NO idea why this is happening. It seems that once in a while i can kill the computer and reboot into gnome again but then the Programs and Places text are black thus invissible. I can still click on them.
All the menus will use scrolling as if they had too many items to be shown. Even though they obviously dont.

Does anyone else have these problems and is there an actual fix for this ? Ill guess its either gnome or GDM messing up somthing ?

I dont suppose its cause i made another user to use instead of root (the other user is admin group as well)

2013-05-01, 17:00
I have the same problem. I did not make any other users but root.

The only thing I made before the last good configuration was to uncheck the "enable networking" on the top right corner.

I have no idea how to fix this

2013-05-19, 07:46
I too had the black screen wiith a smiley in my kali running on vmware but I dont know how to fix that. but I faced the second issue the places and application menus are in black. Just logout and choose gnome instead of system default at the gdm login menu and log in. It will fixt that one.

Hope it fix your issue!!!