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2013-03-21, 11:14

please allow me, to suggest some optimizations for the next release of this splendid software.

These are things, which I preferrred in backtrack and/or miss in kali. They must not be important for other user, but might be.

My suggestions / feedback:

1. Please add the following packages/tools
wicd, wicd-gtk and wicd-kde
jnetmap (very nice tool)
ksensors (yes, I know, it is OLD and for kde3, but VERY useful!)

2. please add multi-language support.
In my case I miss German, and I suppose other users would also like to switch to their mother language

3. please fix the command "loadkeys".
loadkeys de (in my case) did not work due to a missing package.

4. please add the option, to choose different window managers at boot
I think of KDE, LXDE and GNOME. So it can run on big computers (GNOME, KDE) or small netbooks (LXDE)
You should of course also add an option to boot into console.

5. maybe you would like to add my wordlists.
I have now about 3.5 Mio words in my list, additionally special wordlists with only numbers.
The numbers lists are each with "1 to 1MIO" , 1Mio to 10Mio" and so on and "4-digits", "5-digits" and "6-digits"

These are the things, I have in my brain at the moment. Maybe I will have other ideas in the future. Please allow me, to
tell them, even if they might not be interesting for you at the moment.

Thank you very for your work.

Best regards


2013-03-25, 07:33
Hi ,
I worked with SVN every day .
For example i installed subversion 1.7.8 for exploitdb manually from source !
Please upgrade KALI built-in SVN to latest ...
Thanks alot.

2013-03-26, 01:33

One vote to gerix-wifi-cracker

Best regards

2013-03-26, 05:42
Hello ,

I installed VirtualBox but when i rebooted the fail message of No suitable kernel module for virtual box will be shown !!
Please upgrade KALI kernel to support VirtualBox .
Thanks alot.

2013-03-28, 05:27
Hello ,

I installed VirtualBox but when i rebooted the fail message of No suitable kernel module for virtual box will be shown !!
Please upgrade KALI kernel to support VirtualBox .
Thanks alot.

Did you run the command the error message tells you to?

/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

Open a terminal and run that command, everything should be fine.

You may also want to be sure that DKMS is installed so you shouldn't have to run that command in the future.

apt-cache search virtualbox

Depending on if you installed OSE or the 'regular' virtualbox you will just need to apt-get install the dkms package

apt-get install virtualbox-dkms

apt-get install virtualbox-ose-dkms


2013-03-30, 04:07
Dear brav0hax ,

I have installed virtualbox-dkms & virtualbox-ose-dkms but i have not any /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup to running it !
My Error Message have repeated every i rebooted !

2013-03-30, 04:17
perhaps you could also add recon-ng to the tools

2013-03-30, 17:44
another vote for gerix

2013-03-31, 17:07
again vote for gerix-wifi-cracker

2013-04-01, 14:15
Dear brav0hax ,

I have installed virtualbox-dkms & virtualbox-ose-dkms but i have not any /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup to running it !
My Error Message have repeated every i rebooted !
apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

2013-04-05, 05:40
add notepad++

2013-04-06, 07:09
1.I have did every suggestions about virtualbox but my error in boot process was repeated !
2.exploitdb folder (/usr/share/exploitdb) have not any .svn folder and i could not run svn update to update my exploitdb database !
3.Please Support NTFS Flash USB by default for non root user .
4.Power Setting ( such as notebook lid closing or ... ) don't selectively !

2013-04-08, 07:20
I would like to see Ghost-phisher added to Kali. I know there are already some tools (quite a few) that can do what GP does but it's an easy tool to use and learn out of. Also i would like to see Pentbox thus it's a nice pratical tool to have. These are just suggestions but it would be fun to maybe see them added in the future.

Also (don't hate on me for this questions), but for you who want to see Gerix, how does it difference from Fern-wifi-cracker. I haven't myself compared them side to side but isn't the meaning of a wifi cracker to be easy to use? Both are, granted! But why rule out an existing working GUI for another? As I mentioned don't hate me for this, just please answer why they "differ", and maybe I jump on the Wanna gerix train myself?

2013-04-11, 19:50
Nice distro so far. Many tools I can use.

I would like to suggest a 64bit version. Also, I'd prefer KDE to Gnome. but can happily work in both. I just like the choice.

2013-04-17, 17:51
- armitage would be nice :)
- and please fix wps (wifite doesnt detect it in kali, the same wifite-build under Ubuntu can detect wps =/) =(

- also that seems to be a bug, when 2 Wlan-Device are active (PCI and USB) and the internal WIFI-Device gets disabled, the USB-WIFI is also disabled <.<

2013-04-20, 00:58
Hello ,

I installed VirtualBox but when i rebooted the fail message of No suitable kernel module for virtual box will be shown !!
Please upgrade KALI kernel to support VirtualBox .
Thanks alot.
i installed Vmware desktop 9
C header files matching your running kernel were not found. Refer to your distribution's documentation for installation instructions.

2013-04-22, 16:34
Maybe is Tresor a nice addition to the Kali Linux toolkit?

I'd love to use this tool and unfortunately no distro has this successfully implemented :(.

Thanks for all your hard work dev's!


2013-04-24, 23:42
For the next release, include all updates from the debian repo.

And for the tools, include "gerix-wifi-cracker" and "Reaver". The "Fern-Wifi-Cracker" is outdated to, v1.86 is included but v1.93 is on the SVN.

-- Thanks for this wonderfull, clean distro!

2013-04-27, 08:57
hello, i would actually also like to have the wicd-wireless program installed into kali, i dont know how to use anything else basicly when its coming to the part of wireless connection x)...

that, and also airmon-ng,aireplay-ng, and aircrack-ng if possible, those are greate wireless hacking tools :), thanks! :)...

2013-04-29, 20:45
Why not expand the Forence how to add
SoftPerfect Network Scanner (x86/x64)
PTK Forensic
Android forensic
iphone etc.

2013-04-30, 03:40
I would like to suggest a 64bit version.

...Have you checked the downloads page?.. Might find there already is one.

2013-05-05, 09:55
I agree... Ghost-phisher would be nice. And also: Ettercap 0.7.6.

2013-05-05, 18:28
add etherappe and Smartphone-Pentest-Framework to kali

2013-05-09, 10:28
I think that add airoscript would be a good script for wireless atacks

2013-05-10, 16:03
i think that add sguil would be a good ids

2013-05-10, 16:27
Gerix-wifi-cracker-ng would be nice

i treid installing manually but i get a qt error when i do python gerix.py

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "gerix.py", line 12, in <module>
from qt import *
ImportError: No module named qt

tried to follow the fix posted on the form by doing the qt3to4 on the file, but that did not work

2013-05-10, 21:47
Ettercap 0.7.6 has been accepted upstream and is already in some Debian repos. I am sure once it is approved for wheezy it will be added to the Debian repos and subsequently Kali will receive it by default. We (ettercap dev team) are working directly with the Debian maintainer so it should be soon. (Hopefully) :-)

If you want to track the Debian progress you can view it here: https://launchpad.net/debian/wheezy/+source/ettercap or here https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/ettercap

Best Regards,

2013-05-13, 20:03
Adding airdrop-ng + airpwn to requests :)

2013-06-03, 03:25
OWASP Mantra

2013-06-03, 12:35
I don't have any experience with either as I prefer setting up my own tools of choice. However why OWASP Mantra over FireCAT?

The Prophet
2013-06-03, 16:06

i feel kali needs to beef up there wireless tools, meaning more of them...

2013-06-05, 12:07

i feel kali needs to beef up there wireless tools, meaning more of them...More != better

2013-06-12, 08:25
i would like to suggest better raid support:
i can't see my windows raid and since i work in live mode its a problem
including 'mdadm' should fix this

also i would like 'alicekeygen' to be included, very helpful tool which im sure all italians would appreciate

2013-06-16, 16:25
I suggest you the patched drivers for devices wireless perform packet injection, as was backtrack or to put in the patches repository for the various drivers.
Thaks for listening to me ...

2013-07-29, 08:45
I suggest you the patched drivers for devices wireless and use Wifi Metropolis 3 to audit wireless networks, its use aircrack-ng, wps, oclHashCat Plus, and many decrypters..

More at Official Page (http://wifimetropolis.ozyart.tk/)

2013-08-24, 20:24
We want more fonts for the shell.

2013-10-04, 02:03
improve user interface. ui gnome on backtrack more friendly than on kali linux

2013-10-07, 21:06
I vote for Google Hack DB Tool by PacketStorm-most current is 1.5 and i couldnt find active python to run it on the Distro soo Active python as well :)

2013-10-08, 11:13
I am developing a new kali-only desktop environment, it will be cinnamon 1.9 with a whole bunch of patches to improve performance in a root-only environment,
An alternative DE will be based on compiz ( 0.98 ish ) and semplice DE management components with avant-window-navigator.
Fallback will be openbox ( semplice DE basically with few basc tweaks ),
When finished will share :)

2013-10-17, 00:08
I really like and enjoy the kali Linux distro---thank you OffensiveSecurity guys for all the hard work you've done!

My suggestions are related to the virtual environment.
1. Provide both a 32 bit and 64 bit VMware VM. The 32 bit 'works'---would simply prefer a 64bit VM as that is what is in the rest of my infrastructure.
2. Provide significantly more space to the existing partitions. They are virtual anyway and only get expanded to, when actually used.
Doing this makes the VM significantly more usable in diverse circumstances.
3. Expand the size of the swap partition, as well, to at least 4 gigs, if not 8.
4. Provide solid, tested instructions for getting vmware-tools installed, as well as open-vmware-tools
(for when someone manually installs from the ISO instead).
5. Include more wordlists, which are fully expanded and ready to use. Various forum posts address where else 'others' can be gotten.
Would be really nice to have them already in the distro VM.

Thank you!


2013-11-13, 22:45
when booting live from usb id like the option to run from RAM, the usb drive is slow as **** and i have a ton of ram

2013-11-24, 20:18
Openbox for the arm based releases would be great.

2013-11-25, 19:39
There are several changes needed to make Kali actually silent. Off the top of my head...

1. In the default Mozilla browser settings, disable the safe browser settings to stop invisible network activity.
2. Disable automatic checking of Kali package updates. Again, it is broadcasting on the network that someone is running Kali Linux - a big red flag.
3. In the default NMAP settings, change the user-agent from NMAP. Another big red flag. Either blank it out or set it to Chrome.

2013-11-28, 21:35
my suggestion for one of the next release would be
- wfat
if you have trouble with a huge list dns records (forrest) and do not any clue how many resulting webapp you realy have, than this is the tool of your choise!
experience: cleaned up a forrest of >1000 names to round about 75 "main" sites.
without this tool, this tooks days and weeks!

2013-11-29, 13:10
If you wish to get your voices heard by the kali devs, you need to use the bug tracker (https://bugs.kali.org/my_view_page.php).

There you are able to submit feedback directly to them.
This includes:
> Asking for new tools/software/packages
> Any bugs/issues you have
> Any feature requests.

Closing the thread.