View Full Version : Kali-Rolling on Chromebook fails.

2018-03-17, 16:47
Guess nothing is worse than an egg-spurt out of their field. Have been working with computers for a very long time (punch cards). and DOS/Windows a lot but Linux less so, more using Kali for network forensics.

OK so have been interested in Chromebooks for a long time and recently was offered a "deal" on an Acer CB3-431. Chrome works fine & have "developer mode" with extra features activated.

Was trying to load Kali (have 2018-W10 on a desktop & an Apollo Lake 2in1) but the Chromebook is fighting me. Have not been able to boot from a flash drive, ctrl-U beeps once, ctrl-L beeps twice but do not yet want to use MrChromebox.

That leaves Crouton. Have intalled Ubuntu Trusty and it works fine but am getting an error near the end of the Kali-Rolling install, it cannot find "gksu" (see pic).

Or is it the "UID 1000 not found" that is the problem ? Or something else ?

I would appreciate suggestions. Technical does not bother me but just do not know where to start.

2018-03-18, 10:25
Package gksu has been removed from kali-linux repository (https://pkg.kali.org/pkg/gksu)

2018-03-18, 12:36
Okay, any suggestions on how to fix ? Ubuntu "Trusty" is working.

2018-03-18, 17:00
Are you trying to dual boot kali linux with Chrome OS?

2018-03-18, 21:02
No, an trying to use Crouton. Ubuntu "Trusty" works. Kali-Rolling fails as in the screenshot in the first post.

Thank you for the reply.