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2013-03-21, 15:04
Sorry if this posts twice... I noticed that Kali is automounting any inserted devices whereas Backtrack did not automount. How can I turn of automounting devices in Kali? I will be connecting to evidence harddrives so I need to mount them read only, no exec, etc.... I know in ubuntu C.AI.N.E distro I just run the
sudo rbfstab -r If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatlly appreciate it.



2013-05-10, 04:22
boot into forensics mode

or run dconf editor and go to

uncheck options for automount

2016-01-19, 18:38
I have kali linux installed as my boot OS on a refurbished laptop. I have tried the above advice & it does nothing to stop mounting USB media as read/write. Even when logged in as ROOT, it does not change.

As ROOT, from the shell, I even entered "gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount false" . I found that on another forum, and it did change what was selected within the GUI. However, within the GUI, "automount-open" remains selected regardless of what I entered from the shell.

I have also tried the above from a non-ROOT admin acct & get the same results.

So, I presume that there is some configuration file somewhere that I must edit.

My goal is to have kali linux mount ANYTHING connected by USB as READ-ONLY or to DISABLE AUTOMOUNT altogether. Does anyone know if there are config files I can edit to disable automount of devices/volumes via USB or at least force them to READ ONLY?

Thanks in advance.