View Full Version : Installing Kali on new Intel chip sets 8th gen and so forth any recommendations ???

2018-04-07, 04:28
First of all i am new on the forum and have just discovered the depth of Kali as a novice i have had a look at previous suggestions on the net describing the running of Kali in old laptops or machines running old processors and architectural motherboards etc as i guess the technology in new laptops to buy now with new design chip sets could anyone possibly take the time to maybe suggest how they have found Kali running on these new chip sets and motherboards if they use any like perhaps 8th gen intel processors or have had any issues i was thinking of a apple architecture with buying VMware Fusion any help would be appreciated in giving a small amount of detail or any advice on what sort of laptop would be useful to be able to process the system at its best meaning Kali depending on what it is to do i will be using a test build on the suggested laptop for practising anonymity first depending on the environment of the internet i am using before i try to even compile using the tools in Kali

2018-04-09, 12:43
While I've not run Kali on cutting-edge hardware (my stuff is around 4 years old), I suggest making a bootable CD or USB stick. Then, head to your nearest computer store, and politely ask them if you can boot the machine off your media.

I'm not a social engineer, but I've generally gotten results with this method :)

2018-04-10, 16:03
Only the weeklies after 2018-W09 support Apollo Lake properly. Is the latest I have.