View Full Version : (Help) Kali Linux "Installation step failed" fix?

2018-04-16, 06:26
I have been going at trying to get this working for about 2 days already. I Have downloaded the kali Linux 2018.1 for i686 iso(the i368 one I assumed it was the correct one) and put it on a usb. I then reboot using the USB and go through the whole process steps(I also looked at the tutorial to make sure I wasn't missing anything). Everything goes accordingly until I get to step step 12. After I click continue it doesn't take me to step 13 it goes to "Installing the system", it installs to about 70% then says "

Installation step failed
An installation step failed. You can try to run the falling item again from the menu, or skip it and choose something else. The falling step is: Install the system" (Note: One time it was configure the package manager).

Ive tried numerous times and even redownloaded the iso and put it on the usb. I just cant figure it out and its making me upset..

My Kali version(was) the 2016-07-21 one which I do believe that was Kali
Linux 2016.2(4.6.0)/
Ive searched on the web and I haven't found any fix to this.
Anyone more info I will be happy to provide,
System info- system =Latitude D520, BIOS Version= A08 (01/06/2009), Processor info- Processor Type = Intel(R) Core (TM) Duo processor, Processor ID=06E8, Min and current clock speed=1.00 GHz, max clock speed=1.66 GHz,
Primary HDD 40GB. That should be enough system info, if need anything else please let me know! Someone help me solve this mess!

2018-04-16, 14:04
Might want to check HDD integrity.. I had a similar issue that I fixed changing the hard drive that was corrupted.

2018-04-16, 15:34
Try the weekly version of kali 'light'
check the 'SHA256SUMS'
use the text based 'Install' option



What happens?