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2018-04-18, 01:51
Hello everyone,

As the title suggests, I am a blind Linux user. I am definitely not a newbie to Linux. However, the one thing I have noticed is a lack of proper accessibility for Blind SysAdmins in the IT sector. Some of us are expected to do the same work as our sighted peers (and this definitely includes security and penetration testing)

So, my question is this: is there a version of Kali that has built-in screen reader facilities for both the live image and subsequent installation?

I only ask this as there appears to be no way for me to get past the initial startup (no sound or braille support is a real non-starter here).

Now, this is a very advanced question, but not finding any other subforum indexes that would address this, I thought I would ask here first. If anyone has a suggestion on where to ask next, I would certainly appreciate it.

what I need: a built-in screen reader for the live image. This can be ORCA for the GUI, or it can be BrlTTY, Emacsspeak, speakup, etc. for the Command line.

Btw, I will point you to Ubuntu Accessibility here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Accessibility

I will also point you to the Vinux Project here: https://vinuxproject.org/

Both of the above are well established for the blind linux user. There are also several other linux distributions that work for the blind user as well (including slax, Redhat Fedora and some others).

Anyway, any help you folks can give would certainly be much appreciated.


2018-04-18, 03:33

I think the Kali team made some improvements a while ago - listed in the link above. I've not personally tried, but from the link -"To activate the speech assisted installer, press “S” at boot time, and hit enter."

Hope this helps.